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  • We are now accepting intro candidates for our virtual beginners program.
  • If you have not already, check out our Virtual gym page!

Intro Candidate Info


Getting started at thcf

The Beginner

If you are brand new to fitness and exercise, the gym is an intimidating place. We know you have probably been thinking about getting into this for a while and the fear is real. Please make no mistake, we suffer no illusions regarding our intro level athletes. It is our stance that a long, slow, developmental approach to introductory level athletics is best for success. If you plan to come in and start swinging around a barbell on day one, you might be a little disappointed at first. We attack fitness/exercise from the ground level up, which requires a level of proficiency with the basics before getting into the sexy stuff like running so fast you think you're going to die. Seriously though, this is not a quick process. It is, however, a fun and rewarding process. You will leave everyday having accomplished something new and made yourself a little better. We can guarantee you that. 

Where to begin -

All prospects start with a single introductory session. In the case of someone brand new to the gym, that'll be a one-on-one or semi-private session. In order to get started, just send an email to let us know your specifics then  go to the Calendar & Schedule page to book a session.


The Veteran

If you have been doing CrossFit for 2-years or 10-years, you are a Veteran as far as we are concerned. You know the movements (even if they're not perfect) and you are comfortable in a class setting. Our programming offers auxiliary development in weakness areas if you are especially concerned about shoring something up or if you are coming to us in order to evolve a specific area of your athleticism. In any, event getting started is easy, just send us an email to confirm a date and class time. The first one is on us. We'll assess where you're at and take it from there. If you are an out of towner, visiting competitor or short term member all the same rules apply. We are generally serving the Falls Church/Mclean/Vienna/Arlington/Fairfax area. Drop-ins are $30.00 and we assess short term memberships on a case-by-case basis. Just hit the Calendar & Schedule page to check out what our gym offers and then email:


  • We run CrossFit classes throughout the day, Monday through Saturday.
  • We hold speciality classes/programs seasonally throughout the year, these are available to all members for no additional fee. 
  • Open gym is available for all members, 7 days p/week. 
  • Specific information can be found on the Calendar & Schedule page.