Anti-Viral Virtual Gym (active for the duration of corona)

Virtual gym Training

FREE services

In order to support our extended community (the world) we are posting a range of videos weekly, FREE:

  • Daily Home WOD
  • Weekly Lifting Technique WODs
  • Weekly Run development WOD

Virtual Gym Members

All members of the virtual gym also receive:

  • 6 LIVE daily advanced Home WODs p/week
  • 2 LIVE Home Technique Lifting WODs
  • 1 LIVE Home Run Development WOD
  • COMING SOON: Live Home Gymnastics WOD

Addition services available

  • Home WOD remote planning
  • Lone Wolf WOD remote training
  • 1-on-1 Technique WOD Live
  • Nutrition Training
  • Custom Home Training Workout Program

Virtual for beginner's


Download Home Workout Basics Guide Below:

If you'd like to know more, contact: